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Collaborate Learning: Think-Pair-Share Better

This collaborative learning technique is used regularly in many classrooms, YET it is usually done (from my work with many school districts across the US and globally) with the students simply turning to one another WITHOUT any teacher modeling with a student, any peer to peer modeling to the whole class. By modeling with a student in thoughtful locations the teacher is both increasing student engagement and influencing positive behaviors of using Think Pair Share. 

Purpose and Process
The purpose of a teacher modeling with a student to the whole class is:

  • to model how to do thoughtfully
  • to model what to do when you don’t know what to do
  • to model how to collaborate effectively

The purpose of two students modeling to the whole class is:

  • the teacher and other students can coach
  • the peer to peer transfer happens for the benefit of engaging the WHOLE class
  • to check for understanding

The process of Think Pair Share:

  • teacher models with a student with the idea and ideal of the teacher regularly modeling behaviors of successfully doing the process, what to do when you don’t know what to do, and any other behaviors that support the growth of students collaborating and thinking
  • student models with a student for the purpose of peer to peer will increase student interest, and to check for understanding that the students know the process and purpose
  • all students pair up to share
  • whole class share one at a time with the students picking the next student to share






Download a hands-on two page guide to Think—Pair—Share PDF





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