“In order for this to happen, your entire frame of reference will have to change, and you will be forced to surrender many things that you now scarcely know you have.”
― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

About This Blog
As an educator, collaborator with organizations and life long learner, I have found often in
education there is an emphasis on content more than the ‘craft’. The craft that is the art of teaching. The craft that is at the core of being able to masterfully being able to transfer the tools of thinking for the understanding content in ALL content areas for ALL ages. Several key foundations guide me as a learner:

  • The brain seeks patterns.
  • Models of excellence, exemplars, provide a view of the possible.
  • Peer to peer learning must be part of the choreography of a classroom.
  • Humility and mastery of the ‘art of teaching’, the ‘craft’, is paramount for student engagement and the success of and for ALL students. And the teachers.

These are my guiding principals for this blog. A blog that is about the ‘craft’ of teaching. Each posting has a very short video clip modeling and demonstrating a particular ‘craft’, and also realtime examples. Short print outlines often accompany the video as well.

Your input is valuable to all teachers. Each teacher is a mentor to all their students. Helping one another within your school building is important. We must share out ‘gifts’ with our ‘craft’ to grow together.

Robert Seth Price
My experiences include teaching at the K-12 and University levels for over ten years, facilitating professional development trainings on domestic and international stages for twenty years with whole school districts, individual schools, healthcare, and non-profit organizations; and helping organizations to progress and measure their growth.

I understand the power of lived stories. I use the student’s and participant’s voices as part of my collaborative integration. I incorporate technology, social media, art, and music into my teaching and collaborations. I understand networking; system development; grass roots project development; progressive education implementation; and facilitating professional leadership development.

  • My approaches include:
  • Utilizing a student centered and participant centered approach.
  • Teaching using critical thinking skills including visual tools, inquiry, and collaborative processes.
  • Creating a pro-active critical thinking environment.

My skills include:

  • Being an expert with visual tools.
  • Developing tailor made trainings for schools and organizations.
  • Possessing and strong writing and critical thinking skills.
  • Understanding and implementing grass roots initiatives.
  • Fully engaging an audience of any size.
  • Producing achievable and sustainable outcomes.
  • Being a proven effective trainer and educator.

My training philosophy is that an organization and school prospers when rooting and thriving with a participant centered approach, supported by ongoing forums for all participants, with a focus on collaborative networking throughout the whole learning community. I believe it is important to have a multi-directional development approach. This is a belief system and model where all participants (students, educators, leaders, community, parents, organizations) recognize their own capacity for aiding the others, locally and globally with understanding that ideas and innovation originate within and across ALL places locally and globally.

I have an extensive background using technology on different platforms including Microsoft suite, Google suite and Adobe suite; Final Cut Pro video editing; websites and HTML; and much more.

Prior to my work in media and education my entrepreneurial spirit and background includes starting a record company.