Collaborative Practices

Collaborative Practices
A collaborative community opens the minds potential of learning with and from one another. Like any learning, intentionality is important with implementation of the methods for learning. The collaborative process includes three key areas for the students and teachers with a goal of practicing for mastery:

Community Building Exercises
Building community exercises is about building the whole community for understanding one another, learning how to collaborate together, developing listening for learning, and other methods of the whole school community to be open to learning with and from one another.

Collegial Coaching
Collegial coaching is about teachers creating their own professional coaching community. It is about regularly observing each other throughout the whole school with a focused protocol to support seeing each other’s pedagogy. The goal is learning professionally from one another in quest of the finest pedagogy for student outcomes.

Collaborative Learning Methods
Collaborative learning is a relationship among students (and teachers with teachers) that requires positive inter-dependence (a sense of sink or swim together), individual accountability (each of us has to contribute and learn), interpersonal skills (communication, trust, leadership, decision making, and conflict resolution), face-to-face promotive interaction, and processing (reflecting on how well the team is functioning and how to function even better).