Collegial Coaching

Collegial Coaching
Collegial coaching is about teachers creating their own professional coaching community. It is about regularly observing each other throughout the whole school with a focused protocol to support seeing each other’s pedagogy. The goal is learning professionally from one another in quest of the finest pedagogy for student outcomes.

The Teachers Coaching Teachers model focuses on teachers regularly observing each other to learn, understand, and improve their pedagogy (teaching methods and the art of teaching). This model works best in groups of a minimum of three – one teacher demonstrating a lesson while two other teachers observe. The observed lessons are generally in the 15-30 minute range to provide a focus on particular teaching methods. The model includes a briefing, lesson and debriefing.

This model is a multi-directional process: everyone has gifts and skills to share and learn from one another. This differentiated process allows everyone to progress at a rate consistent with their skills. The model is an ongoing process for both new and experienced teachers.

Systems Model: This model is equally effective with administrators coaching administrators; facilitators coaching facilitators.

Ongoing Development: Teachers regularly participant with the Collegial Coaching model throughout the school year.